About us

Who we are

Both of us come from aviation backgrounds, and we've flown all over the world.

We visited the markets, antique shops and many more galleries.

Sandra, a flight attendant now working in administration, is always ready to find us that little treasure.

John, a pilot, fell into the flea market at an early age. At the time, he was obliged to follow in his parents' footsteps.

At the moment, we're doing our best to convince our son Warren to join us. But he stays behind the screen to manage the site, its commercial and legal aspects.

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What do we do?

First, we're putting items from our cellars and attics up for sale.

Our projects are moving in several directions. We still need to refocus our ideas, which is why you'll need to come back to our site or feel free to subscribe to our social networks or newsletter.

John Sternon

Founder, Chairman

Luxembourg Flea Market
Sandra Mestdagh

Co-Founder, President